The FocusPod is your very own personal workspace that you can use anywhere: at home, in the office, at the library or in a hotel lobby. Efficient and productive, it’s your own physical ‘comfort zone’ where you can spend time thinking, writing, or making video calls without being interrupted. The sophisticated acoustic system cancels out any disruptive noises, while the adjustable lighting will do wonders for your concentration. Attractively designed and instantly appealing, you can integrate it into literally any space.


Made from strong PET felt, the FocusPod is designed to absorb noises around you.


The FocusPod is height-adjustable, in line with the Dutch health and safety regulations.


The PET felt used in the manufacture of each Pod is made from 288 recycled plastic bottles, while the aluminium structure consists of recycled and remelted aluminium.


Ingenuous air circulation: a user-friendly, deep worktop covered by protective coating.


It comes with soft, dimmable lighting, which you can adjust to the strength of your screen.

Can be integrated into any environment

Choose from a range of colours. Neutral yet elegant appearance.

The FocusPod is available in four colours

North Sea


Dune Sand

Orange Crush


The sound of silence

Superior acoustic performance ensures maximum focus.

Sustainable design

The FocusPod is made from soundproofing material manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.

Always clear

Dimmable LED lighting ensures maximum focus.