The FocusPod is your personal workspace: a place where you can sit down to collect your thoughts or have your calls. It promotes efficient and productive work. The ingenuous acoustics drown out any bothersome noises while the adjustable lighting ensures a balanced contrast between your monitor and your surroundings. The FocusPod looks adorable, blends into any interior, and tells people politely but firmly that you would prefer not to be disturbed. While the idea may be contemporary, its design is timeless.

The FocusPod’s success is based on carefully designed and integrated physical features. Along with taking regular breaks and maintaining a healthy posture (including while seated), they will help you plan out your day efficiently. The FocusPod is designed based on the advice provided by seasoned experts in time management.

At the end of the workday, you want to feel that you’ve been productive and can look forward to a relaxing and enjoyable evening.

Have a nice day!

Adjustable height

We’re all different – there’s no such thing as the ‘average person’ – so you can adjust the worktop to the height that suits you best.


Soundproofing materials help you work without interruption or decompress, depending on the time of day.


The FocusPod runs on LED lighting: both at the bottom and at the top, ensuring the highest-quality resolution for your video calls.  Ensures maximum focus.


The FocusPod provides you with all the communication features you need: a wall outlet with a USB-C connection and 3 metres of 230v cables, including an EU connector. CE-Certified.

The FocusPod has been subjected to every type of technical test and has aced every one of them.

  • Contains around 288 recycled PET bottles per panel
  • Complies with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, a global, interrelated and independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, semifinished and finished textile products, and accessories at all stages of the production process.
  • Complies with the B1 DIN 4102 standard and is fire-retardant
  • Absorption measured in reverberation chamber; determined by standard values ISP354:2003/ISO 11654

Flat box – easy delivery

The FocusPod fits inside a flat box of 180 x 13.5 x 100cm LxWxH, ensuring easy delivery regardless of location.


The FocusPod takes 2 people just 5 minutes to set up.