Our story

Working anywhere, anytime is a trend that began some years ago and has since taken off in a big way. The digital age offers endless opportunities in IT and communications, and we have access to an infinite amount of available data. No more barriers, and no more need for a dedicated workstation like an office.

You do need a physical space to get together, meet with your scrum team, and give interactive presentations, as you want to be able to see each other in person and get a feel for the group dynamic. What do you need for this? An office? A pub? A boat on an Amsterdam canal? Slick-looking incubators? There’s certainly no lack of options available, but today’s trends are just that – old news by tomorrow. This means flexibility is the key word.

Working without interruption, having personal meetings and making calls (including video calls) are no longer things we do at the office, and why would we? They require limited space, digital facilities are considered a commodity these days, and the coffee tends to taste a lot better at the little bar around the corner. Remote working is the solution: at home, at a bar or café, or in a co-working space.

In the wake of these trends, the idea of work/life balance has pretty much fallen by the wayside, as it’s simply less relevant to the way we live and work now. We’ve got the freedom we need and lead more productive and fulfilling lives. The lines between our personal and professional lives are becoming more blurred – to the point where the boundary exists only in theory – yet we’d still like to flourish in both these areas.

Sustainable workplace

We believe the solution is an individual, semi-private workspace where you have access only to essential tools such as a computer keyboard and monitor. At your desk, your latte macchiato is always within reach and your charging cable can be connected whenever you run out of juice… Where your laptop, documents, and phone can be hidden from sight while your immediate work environment looks impeccable… …and where noise and hustle and bustle no longer keep you from working. That’s why we’re launching the FocusPod: a place where working is a joy and that makes your off-duty life even more fun and relaxing.

Remote working calls for flexibility, adaptability, and a focus on physical and mental health.