Team FocusPod

At a time of rapid advances in ‘working anywhere, anytime’ solutions, we all need to tap into our creativity a little more, not just digitally but also – especially – mentally and physically. Working anywhere, anytime is here to stay, and the solution is within easy reach. This is certainly true for us, team FocusPod: four thinkers and doers who have been resourceful in exploring ways of working outside the traditional office setting. We challenged each other to come up with solutions that are relevant, viable, and sustainable, which is how we first floated the idea for the FocusPod.

Has your company set up work-from-home guidelines for your employees?

Our team

Jaap Hoens

Creative and innovative; prefers to develop through the user’s senses. Passion for lighting, acoustics, and visual solutions; likes inspiring teamwork. Team FocusPod founding member.

Frank van Boxtel

Always gets the best out of his team. 30 years of experience in the retail and interior design markets. Has travelled to many parts of the world with just one goal: creating the finest and highest-quality projects. Eye for detail, design, and perfection: the more complex the project, the greater and more exciting the challenge involved. Team FocusPod founding member.

Derek Peters

A spirited, passionate, and sensitive entrepreneur, Derek has more than 25 years of experience in visual branding, signing, and design, making him an endless source of inspiration for both partners and clients. So can this man do nothing wrong? Well, once he gets started, he doesn’t know when to switch off! He’s always brimming with ideas.

Jeroen Herbrink

This thinker and strategist, who considers everything from the end user’s perspective, has been operating in the office market for 25 years, focusing on high-end facility, hospitality, and property services. FocusPod Partner