The FocusPod is the solution for all those who need to work without interruption. The FocusPod is designed for everyone, regardless of whether you’re working from home, in a busy hotel lobby, or in an open-plan space or office.

It takes just a second to transform your public workspace into a private study.

Working in public spaces

If you’re not working from home or in the office, you’ll always find a spot in a busy restaurant, a hotel lobby or a co-working space in an industrial setting. All these spaces are perfect for working remotely, and you no longer need to rely on large reading tables to work quietly for a sustained period of time. The FocusPod allows you to have confidential or private conversations without disturbing those around you. And while ensconced in your FocusPod, you’ll be oblivious to the bustle of people coming and going.

Working from home calls for considerable flexibility, along with a focus on physical and mental health.

Working from home

The individual and private workspace tends to be at home, where everything is within easy reach: coffee, lunch, Wi-Fi and the bathroom. The online orders you used to have delivered at work now arrive at your doorstep, and gone are the days of patiently queuing in the company cafeteria and politely smiling and nodding as a coworker chews your ear off.

The FocusPod will blend right into your home. And if you decide you would like to move it to a different part of the house, you will find this is easy as can be. You can set it up in the corner of a room or make it a prominent feature.